Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Falling Slowly into Insanity - UPDATED

UPDATE: The music section of the AMPAS yesterday agreed that the song "Falling Slowly" from Once is allowed to retain it's nomination in the category for Best Song. Sanity has thankfully prevailed, but you have to wonder what effect all this bad press has on its chances.

Original Story:
You've probably read the speculation and furore in the Sunday Tribune and elsewhere about Once's nomination in the Best Song category at the Oscars. Originally I had completely dismissed this as an old story re-cycled due to the announcement of the nominees last week, but then the story began to pick up speed and the AMPAS said that they were considering the situation.

This comes as a complete surprise as I had though the matter had been sorted out long ago! Kris Tapely over at Variety points out the same in this article. Only 2 songs from Once (Falling Slowly and If You Want Me) were stated by the Academy to be fit for nomination, while all other songs contain were found to be un-original (as in: not for the film). But now the Academy seems to be flip-flopping and pressure has been mounted to re-consider its legibility as an original work for the film. "Pressure from where?" you might ask. Have a look at who else is nominated for Best Song and you may find an answer.

The AMPAS will announce their final decision sometime today.

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