Monday, January 21, 2008

Oscar Predictions

I've got a slew of reviews to write up (No Country, Sweeney Todd, Charlie Wilson, Walk Hard, Dan In Real Life) but before all that there's the matter of the Oscar Nominations that are announced tomorrow.

So, just for the hell of it, here's my predictions for some of the major awards and check back tomorrow (Tuesday) so see how many I got wrong!

Best Film
- No Country For Old Men
- There Will Be Blood
- Juno
- The Diving Bell And The Butterfly
- Atonement

Note: Michael Clayton could spring a surprise

Best Director
- The Coen Brothers (No Country For Old Men)
- PT Anderson (There Will Be Blood)
- Julian Schnabel (The Diving Bell And The Butterfly)
- Joe Wright (Atonement)
- Tim Burton (Sweeney Todd)

Note: Ridley Scott and Sidney Lumet could also get noms based on their careers so far. Ben Affleck could get a sneaky nom for Gone Baby Gone.

Best Actor
- Daniel Day Lewis (There Will Be Blood)
- Tom Hanks (Charlie Wilson's War)
- George Clooney (Michael Clayton)
- Frank Langella (Starting Out In The Evening)
- Viggo Mortensen (Eastern Promises)

Note: Top 3 are a dead cert, John Cusack might surprise with Grace Is Gone, also Emile Hirsch for Into The Wild.

Best Actress
- Julie Christie (Away From Her)
- Marion Cotillard (La Vie En Rose)
- Ellen Page (Juno)
- Keira Knightly (Atonement)
- Angelina Jolie (A Mighty Heart)

Note: I honestly can't see any other possible nominations, unless Jodie Foster's star-weight gets her a nom and Cate Blanchett gets her now annual nomination.

Other Awards
Expect Sweeney Todd to feature heavily in the Technical/Production categories, as will Atonement and There Will Be Blood. Once, as I said at the beginning of the year, will get 2 noms (both in the Best Song category).

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