Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The People's (don't get much) Choice Award

With the Golden Globes reduced to an hour's press conference next Sunday thanks to the WGA Strike (TM), our own need for award ceremonies on this side of the Atlantic will turn to the IFTAs. Most of the categories and nominations will be announced tomorrow, but one has already been published on their fancy looking website: The People's Choice Award for Best International Actress.

This "award" is being sponsored by a haircare company (whose name I'm loathe to say here) and has the following nominees...

- Cate Blanchett for Elizabeth: The Golden Age
- Jodie Foster for The Brave One
- Keira Knightley for Atonement
- Hilary Swank for PS I Love You

While this being a very blatant attempt at advertising is one thing, they could have at least come up with a better list then that. I mean c'mon! Hilary Swank!? Foster and Knightley I can forgive (the latter will probably gain an Oscar nomination) but what about Julie Christie in Away From Her? My own favorite of last year: Keri Russell in Waitress? Why not even go for an obvious one and give a nod to Angelina Jolie in A Mighty Heart? I can understand that sponsorship money is needed to ensure that the event goes smoothly, but if the IFTAs are to be taken seriously then they should at least have a bit of cop-on and have proper nominations. People's Choice me arse!

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