Friday, October 26, 2007

Horrorthon: Day 1

The Horrorthon began in style yesterday evening with a packed out audience in the IFI Screen 1 to watch 30 Days Of Night. I almost didn't get in myself due to a royal mess up with my festival pass and a really snarky bitch in the IFI ticket office telling me it wasn't her problem. Eventually, and thanks to the legend that is the festival director Ed King, it all got sorted and the lovely pair of Nell and Lucy got me and the other half our seats.

30 Days Of Night
This had received mixed reviews thus far and I didn't know if I was going to enjoy it or not. Well... it's a really good film! Finally, an original Hollywood horror movie that didn't play to the lowest common denominator and evoked memories of Carpenter's The Thing. It's well played, deftly directed and the creatures in the film are downright face-behind-your-hands scary. There are problems though: the final conclusion doesn't really capitalize on what had come before and ends up being cheesy, also the passage of time (it's supposed to be 30 days!) feels like it all could have happened in a day or two. Nonetheless, it's a film that's well deserving a trip to the cinema.
Rating: * * * * (4 Stars)

Afterwards the was a screen of Dead Silence which I didn't make. I'd already seen it before and wasn't impressed enough to sit through it again (if you want a rating: 2 Stars).

Today there's Friday 13th: The Final Chapter, Gamerz, Botched and Joshua. Will report back tomorrow with more reviews.

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