Friday, October 19, 2007

Review: Black Sheep

The Short... What could have been a guilty pleasure in the same vein as The Evil Dead is instead a half-hearted effort that's only justifiable by the creature effects from Weta.

The Long... Well, I don't want to spend too long on this review. The acting: bad. The direction: worse. The script: terrible. Is there's anything good about it? The work Weta Workshop (the same company behind The Lord Of The Rings effects) have done in Black Sheep is great and serves as the only positive in a huge field of negatives.

I was hoping that it'd be a film cut from the same cloth as the Evil Dead franchise, or Shaun Of The Dead, but it differs from these in terms of how the film handles itself. Each actor knows the type of film it is and plays it as a pantomime, almost always a breath away from turning to camera and winking at the audience. The story itself, while a good basis for a decent OTT film, never realises its potential and relies on tired arcs that you can see coming from a mile off.

It's a massively poor film that had the prospect of being something greater and funnier. Wait for this on DVD and even then I'd suggest massive amounts of alcohol before pressing 'play'.

Rating: * * (2 Stars, incl. one for Weta's impressive work)

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