Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The remakes go on and on and on....

It seems that most Hollywood horror movies these days are either sequels or remakes of old 70s classics and J-Horror imports. Thankfully this trend hasn't crossed over to other genres in such a fashion, but still does pop up every now and again to make us all cry out: "Ah seriously, what's the point!?".

Next up for the remake treatment is John Woo's action flick The Killer. To be honest, the story of a hitman on his last job doesn't strike me as that original to warrant a specific remake (Holloywood at one point churned out these "original" films on a regular basis) so the only benefit I can see from making it an official remake is from a studio standpoint. And that is that it's safer to make a film where you already know what the finished product will be like since you have the template, rather then gamble on originality. The studio wins, and the audience loses out (both in cinematic and financial terms).

HOwever, there have been successful remakes in the past. Let's see, there was Cape Fear and....and...em... anyone?

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