Friday, October 19, 2007

Random News...

- Brian DePalma is planning a pre-quel to The Untouchables and it's going to be called: The Untouchables: Capone Rising. Interesting, but unnecessary.

- A Wolverine film is in the works all will be released in May 2009, taking up the prime spot originally held by the third Narnia film which has been moved to a later date.

- A Kurt Cobain biopic is in the works, thanks to Working Title and writer David Benioff. Courtney Love is an Exec. Producer so some details may be...well...glossed over. Or not. Approach carefully.

- Daren Aronofsky is getting physical! Already announced is boxing drama The Fighter with Marky Mark and Brad Pitt, and now he's directing The Wrestler with Nic Cage about a former wrestler brought back from retirement to fight his nemesis. Ding ding!!

- The Birds is being remade with Naomi Watts in the Tippi Hedren role and Casino Royale's Martin Campbell directing. What's interesting is that this is not a pre-strike priority and may not be put into production till after the strike is over. Let's hope it doesn't go into production at all!!

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