Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More News in Brief...

- A 7 minute sequence detailing how the Joker came into existence for the new Batman sequel, The Dark Knight, will be screened in IMAX cinemas this December. Which means that, without an IMAX screen in Ireland (although I think there's one in Belfast), we'll have to hope that it also appears on ye ol' Internets. Another teaser trailer will be attached to I Am Legend which is out this December/January. Did anyone ever go to the old IMAX where Cineworld is now? I went twice, to an Everest documentary and a 3D film about dinosaurs.

- Grindhouse could finally be coming to Irish and UK screens by January, once Death Proof and Planet Terror have finished their runs in the cinema. Click here for info.

- With Saw 4 coming out in a couple of weeks the news is that they may just NOT release a Saw 5 till October 2009, breaking their one a year pattern so far. Lets hope it's replaced with some original horror in the schedule.

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