Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Horrorthon: Day 3

Saturday turned out to be the longest day of the festival. Had a massive (and tasty) lunch in Yamamouri followed by some pre-festival beers. Nice!

Review: The Tripper
Another comedy/horror hybrid, this one with a more political stance. A group of drug-taking youths arrive for a music festival in a large forest, only to be stalked by a conservative killer who wears a Ronald Regan mask. The laughs are more like titters and the horror is only average. A nice idea, but could have been more.
Rating: * * (2 Stars)

Review: The End Of The Line
Low-budget Canadian horror about religious freaks who descend bloody hell onto a stalled metro tram. This was truly awful! Not a kind word to say about it really. Dreadful! The very thought of it is depressing me. Acting, direction, script, production value... really really poor.
Rating: * (1 Star)

Review: Teeth
This is a film about a girl who discovers that she has teeth....in her vagina. And it's really good! The film that is. No, I'm not kidding! What could have been a grindhouse-style, woman-revenge flick is actually is really well made and thought-provoking piece on attitudes and fears towards sex. Written well and superbly acted, this was a huge surprise. A festival highlight and a film that will cause a little controversy when it's released.
Rating: * * * * (4 Stars)

Review: All The Boys Love Mandy Lane
Another highlight. The title sums the plot up nicely: Every guy in high school wants to be with Mandy Lane and a small group coerce her into spending a weekend filled with drugs and booze down at a secluded ranch. Once there, certain members of the party fall prey to a sadistic (and possibly jealous) killer who offs them one by one. Smartly written (with a really good climax) and shot beautifully (it's probably the most gorgeous horror film I've seen in a while), this deserves to find a large audience.
Rating: * * * * (4 Stars)

Having watched ...Mandy Lane it was time for another in-between-movie beer and then a screening of Fright Night. It'd be unfair for me to review this vampire flick from the 80s (with it's ultra-camp dance scene midway through) as I began to nod off. One Nightlink later and I was at home in bed.

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